Friday, October 8, 2010

Wonderful! Crust can Anti-aging

Wonderful! Crust can Anti-aging

Life expectancy increasing, people’appearance looks more younger than before. But experts said that the aging of modern people would arrive early.

Recently, we interviewed a number of internationally renowned anti-aging expert. They teach you how to anti-aging, for example, you know? Call to a friend per day can reduce the pressure leading to senescence, is eight years of anti-aging and so on.

Wonderful! Crust can Anti-aging

1, eats the bread not to peel the crust

Flour in baking, it will produce a substance to accumulate in the crust, not only make the crust dark and sweet, but also active the organized enzyme to inhibit free radical, so the crust can anti-cancer and anti-aging.

?few many meal plays a important part in skin care.

2, few many meal plays a important part in skin care.

Eating too full in a meal, would make the body gather a large number of blood to the stomach, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the skin and accelerate skin aging.

3, 8 glasses of water a day

The decrease of skin cells’ moisture, is the important reason why skin wrinkled. Every 1-2 hours should drink 236 milliliters of water. Every day to drink at least 1500 milliliters of water, about 8 cups.


8 glasses of water a day

4, take a nap just like take a small holiday

American Sleep Foundation study showed that a 40-minute nap can improve the operating capacity of 34%, awareness can be raised immediately and can be maintained for several hours.

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