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SPF Q&A – skin car general knowledge

SPF Q&A - skin car general knowledge (4) Q: If the product is only labeled SPF, is that it can prevent ultraviolet B wave, and there is nothing to prevent ultraviolet A wave?

A: If a product label is correct, the true, but in fact you will see some products by adding ingredients in a matter of fact there are anti-ultraviolet A wave components not marked. Why, I do not quite clear …

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Q: The United States and the European system of marking the same?

A: not the same as UVB part of the U.S. system is based on SPF to mark, but some commonly used UVA marked as UVB / UVA or Broad spectrum.

The European system is more complicated, UVB part of the SPF are in addition to IP, LSF, ** B, or UVB ** [** to digital], and part of UVA used IPD, PPD, INDICE UVA, UVA-Faktor, * * A and expressed as UVA **

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Q: SPF values and PA values of the correlation between the great right?

A: no Between the SPF value and the PA value has the very big connection?? The higher the SPF value does not necessarily mean that the higher PA value, depending of the composition.

Q: PA and UVA, IPD, PPD how to convert between them?

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A: IPD and PPD is totally different because of measurement and there can not be converted, IPD academic significance in the relatively small, so that the method used after the IPD will be less and less. As for PA interval expressed by PA + = PFA 2 ~ 4 ; PA + + = PFA 4 ~ 8; PA + + + = PFA> 8.

And PPD, INDICE UVA, UVA-Faktor or ** A and UVA ** [** digital] sense closer.

UVA-oriented products are now part of a growing, such as PPD 12 have about equal to 1.5 times the PA + + +.

Therefore, PA can be seen in the way to express their restrictive.

After the majority of sunscreen products should be directly used figures to show that the capacity of its sunscreen capacity.

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Q: How much to use sun protection factor do enough?

A: This must be determined by whether you often drying to the sun, is often working under the sun, whether or not to swim water, whether there are special purpose (if the acid after the skin or laser), is easy to color white long side … and so on spot

Principle: often working under the sun, and often around noon time in the sun to sun, and take a long time to sun drying, and the need to campaign in the sun (such as playing, swimming, mountain climbing, skiing … ) or partial white color easy to spot those who long; for UVB protection should be increased

For morning and evening just hours before the sun to the sun, the normal time in the office of the people, in fact, the protection of UVA than UVB important

In their daily lives, however the degree of exposure under normal circumstances, select SPF 20 or so; PPD 10 or so, or PA + + +

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Q: At present, a common component of sunscreen products What is this?

A: because of anti-UVB many ingredients, preparation contained less than fan ethnic, and anti-UVA ingredients under relatively less compared, the following are some of the more common

Interested Members may wish to bring their own sunscreen on hand to see if right right on the following components to know whether the function of the availability of anti-UVA

Oxybenzone (Benzophenone-3) (Eusolex 4360)

Sulisobenzone (Benzophenone-4)


Butylmethoxydibenzoyl methane (Parsol 1789) (Eusolex 9020)

Isopropyl dibenzoylmethane (Eusolex 8020)

Menthyl anthranilate (Meradimate)

Zinc oxide

Titanium dioxide

Tetraphthalydine dicamphor sulfonic acid (Mexoryl SX)

Drometrizole trisiloxane (Mexoryl XL)

Tinosorb S (bis-ethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyl triazine)

Tinosorb M (methylene bis-benzotriazolyl tetramethylbutylphenol)

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