Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fruit mask – fresh and natural

Summer, colorful fruit onto the market, looks delicious. However, they not only can help us relievingsummer-heat and quench your thirst, satisfy our stomach, can also use fro skin care, help us to create beautiful skin. Fresh, clean and convenient fruit mask, come and try.

fruit mask

1, fruit mask

Effects: moisturize, whitening and anti-inflammatory

Materials: natural vitamin E, egg, peeled seasonal fruit

Practice: the peeled cucumber (or lemon, banana, lychee, etc.) play juice, adding egg, trickle-down amount of natural vitamin E, mixture and mix thoroughly, make it pulpy.

Usage: apply even in the face, wash with warm water after 15 minutes.

Comment: This mask is very natural simple, natural vitamin E has good whitening effect, egg can Firming.

Apple Mask

2, Apple Mask

Effects: Clear the deep dirt on face, moisture white skin, to enhance skin’s antioxidant function.

Materials: Apple, a piece of mask paper, dry skin allergies may increase amount of fresh milk or vegetable oil, oily skin should add some egg white;

Method: Peel apples, cut into pieces, make it pulpy.

Usage: the applesauce evenly deposited on the face, then covered with paper mask. 15-20 minutes later, washed with water; every other day, a course of 20 days.

Comment: Apple is suitable for all skin types, with the skin smooth, moist, greasy effect, can also remove the skin acne, freckles, dark spots and other symptoms.

orange mask

3, Orange mask

Effects: Removes dead skin cells, promote new cell growth.

Material: yogurt, honey, orange juice (each 100 mg), vitamin E (5 pieces)

Practice: the yogurt, honey, orange juice and vitamin E and mix thoroughly

Usage: apply face, wash after 15 minutes.

Comment: very good anti-oxidation, in vain and tender after use, especially for the ladies often use the computer!

Grapes Mask

4, Grapes Mask

Efficacy: grape skin and core have a good anti-oxidation, surface covered with a grape can delay skin aging.

Material: 10 fresh grapes

Method: Wash the grapes and mash together with cores.

Usage: Grape juice with your fingers to evenly spread on the entire face, and gently press to help absorption. After 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.

Comment: This is really very simple DIY mask, you can do without a few minutes, and is very suitable for the girls usually are busy.

Watermelon mask

5, Watermelon mask

Efficacy: to add moisture, cool and calm sun damaged skin allergy.

Method: Peel the watermelon, seeded, remove the pulp proper. Watermelon flesh with a spoon pressed into mashed.

Usage: apply mask evenly to the face and covered with paper mask. About 10 to 15 minutes, rinse with cold water. You can use every day.

Comments: The summer is very easy to dry, water and oil imbalance, so the mask best suited to summer use.

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