Sunday, October 3, 2010

Beandregs facial mask, moisturizing skin care product at no cost

D55B7128451DA307E3CD45362582F2FC Many people know that soy milk has to lose weight, beauty, anti-cancer, anti-cancer, anti-aging effect. But I am sure few people would know that beandregs also have the beauty effect. Yes, Beandregs facial mask have reducing blackhead, skin care, skin whitening, water replenishing and other effects. The important, it is an absolute natural pollution-free skin care product.

As beandregs is granular, so when apply mask, you must grasp the humidity. If too dry, there is no way to stick to the face, even if barely steady, it would be posted out of everywhere. However, if too thin, there is no way to apply the mask to the face. After press, pour into filter, then use a spoon to lightly presse it, it almost just better. When apply mask, it can be a little bit thick, so not easily lost. I generally start from the nose because the nose have blackheads. I think it better to keep a little longer. Eyes, I will get some, because it is natural, do not worry will get a boost or side effects. You would better press it down when apply mask. After the whole face was plastered, lie down to keep 15 minutes, and then you can get the mask down. Face residues that can be rolled onto its way to massage a moment, and then wash clean, even the scrub are saved.


I don’t throw the beandregs used as mask ,take it into a basin with water. Then, I will use it to massage feet and shanks. If you don’t use it to massage feet, you can use it to bath. First clean with shower gel, and then bean dregs to be a full-body massage, and even moisturizing body lotion can also be saved.

Now, I do a weekly mask to use beandregs 2 to 3 times, and I don’t even buy a mask. Saves mask , scrub cream, and moisturizing body lotion, even the milk would not be bought.

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