Saturday, October 9, 2010

4 indecent gestures are good for health

For health, we must not overlook the small details, small details can make our body is deteriorating, but also allows us more healthyer and stronger. Following these four simple and healthy small details, you do it? yawn

1: yawn

Yawn is the body’s physiological needs. It is the nerve fatigue signal that excited about or has already reached its highest point, a reminder that at this time should be a break. In addition, the yawning helps to relax eye muscles, promote blood circulation eye to make eyes feel more bright and comfortable. Scientists at the U.S. health Association also recommends that people who work long hours staring at a computer, tired, may wish to yawn, to alleviate eye fatigue.  Stretching 2: Stretching

"Stretching can fit recover from fatigue." Stretching is a stretch waist, the activities of muscles, relax the spine of the exercise mode. it can draw a lot of stagnant blood back to the heart, increasing the amount of blood circulation, improve blood circulation.  In addition, stretching can also clear the neck blood vessels, allowed to smoothly carry blood to the brain, the brain receive adequate nutrition, and thus alleviate fatigue and vigor. And, it enables the body muscles, especially the waist muscles in a rhythmic stretching to get exercise, and gradually developed stronger and stronger, able to prevent the strain of lumbar muscles, can be promptly corrected the excessive forward bending of the spine, keeping fit and shape.  chest movements 3: chest movements

People in his spare time, or when tired, we might do a few chest movements. This will not only train chest muscle, but also can increase lung capacity, improve respiratory function, improve quality of work and life. Meanwhile, the chest movement makes the chest muscles get exercise, stretch and stimulate the thymus to promote the secretion of more immune substances, thereby enhancing the disease-resistant cancer-fighting ability.  Take a deep breath 4: Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath can increase the lung ventilation and ventilation to improve oxygen saturation, to promote the body organs and systems fully functional. In addition, can promote lungs blood circulation, help lungs’ residual gas and other metabolites successfully discharged. In addition, take a deep breath can stimulate the alveolar distraction device, causing parasympathetic excited to be able to relax the body and ease tension.

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