Thursday, September 2, 2010

Potato Beauty and Mask

582788_s_026 In people’s understanding, the potato has always been regarded as the effective remedy for health problems. Because it is rich in vitamin A and β-carotene, so it is a major source of antioxidants. Potato-based local softening facial skin is very effective – it can provide a better ability to maintain moisture, but also be able to relieve the burn, let the skin clean and healthy. Now, Let us learn about how to use the potato to care your skin.

Anti-aging effects of the potato has been demonstrated. It is a natural cosmetic method, which can be physical geography shun wrinkles.

Cut two pieces of sweet potato, put on the eyelids and waiting for 12 minutes.

If you want to use it for your face to do a mask: put 2-3 tablespoons of apple sauce and grind together with a medium-sized potatoes. Let it stay in 15-20 minutes, wash with warm water. Also, you can easily remove dull with it, put one piece potato in sterile gauze or thin cloth, put it on black eye at 5-6 minutes. Finally it cleansed, you will find the eye dull miraculously disappeared, the skin become more bright.

Did you know that potatoes can be cooked with boiling water to make your feet work wonders? Our grandmother think this is a real wealth. After a long party or work, put your feet into starch water for 15-2 minutes, and then you can immediately put on your dancing shoes.

potatoes are rich in potassium, can relieve dry, wounds, insect bites and itching. Put a few pieces in the affected area every day and stay for 5-6 minutes. Repeat several times, we can reduce the uncomfortable feeling. 20090623131649925

Potatoes, can also be used in conventional bleaching process. Ready 2 potatoes, peeled and minced and then put them inside the white cotton cloth with three drops of lemon juice, then add a few drops of honey, Hold hands up with the cloth, wipe your face for 15-20 minutes , 2 times per week will make your skin a natural transparent white.

Sweet potatoes can also make your skin a natural gloss. Take a medium-sized potatoes, juice, then extract its juice. Should first wash your face clean, coated with juice, stay 10-15 minutes before cleaning. Your skin will be brighter, and better health, try it, bear fruit soon.

Last but most importantly, it can treat acne, due to acid in its composition; in our skin, necrotic cells easily disappear. Vitamin C and alkaline may make your skin to get rid of bacteria and stop the spread.

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