Thursday, September 16, 2010

Magic DIY, homemade garlic thin face mask

garlic thin face mask

Really? Ordinary garlic become the thin face mask? Yes, you can diy it. Enjoy the fun and diy without having to spend a lot of money. OK, just do it.

Materials: garlic, green bean powder and fabric mask.

garlic thin face mask


step1: peeling the garlic, and microwave 2 minutes with the small fire (to go to taste).

step2: Add into fruit juice machine, pour into 100cc water, broken up and then they have to filter.

garlic thin face mask

Step3: place the mask cloth soaked in Garlic.

step4: come up with a small bowl, Add some green bean powder, then add the garlic water.

garlic thin face mask

step5: daub it on the facial mask cloth, then daubs on the facial mask.

step6: about 10-15 minutes, you can wash the face with water.

Function: thin face, treatment of acne and exfoliator function. Can also make skin more white slip Oh.

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