Saturday, September 11, 2010

Go Go! Disco style popular again

?Disco-style pop culture has always been happy to show the elements in the fashion area of the same. 1970’s “Weekend Night Fever” (Saturday Night Fever) set off a wave of Disco music, John Travolta’s dancing heat many young people become the object of imitation. Similarly, he’s wearing in the film to give the impression that impressed admission white body suits and vests, bell-bottoms with the same color to become the focus of the entire dance floor of the fashionable, but also become a screen classic.

???Madonna launched in 1983 two Disco style songs “Holiday” and “Lucky Star”, in its MV she wearing a neat black go through the steps of Disco, this clothing is not out of date in today’s perspective, in New York even the street can see that the young girls dress. Enter the 90’s, Madonna in the song “Vogue” (fashion) live in concert, dressed in 18th century classical dance clothing Disco, another amazing game, even if the Angels do not wear the coat and leggings can also show Disco music presence. And in 2005 launched the retro Disco album “confessions dance floor” (Confessions on a Dance Floor) in, Madonna pink dance to Vintage clothing as the main service in the “Hung Up” performances in dance rhythms, with the率性dance to prove that youth is not lost, and this song is also part of music sampling from the “Gimme Gimme Gimme” keyboard melody, expressing Disco culture of respect.

It is not difficult to find that Disco Dance? often become the show’s music market, a strong sense of rhythm and fashionable to appropriate performance characteristics of popular culture. But now a large number of fashion brands also Disco style for inspiration, the introduction of related works, such as Versace (2001 spring and summer), Gucci (2006 autumn and winter), Karl Lagerfeld (2008 spring and summer). And enthusiastic and imaginative tunes more infiltration into the expression of the concept of fashion, the earlier “Gucci by Gucci” perfume ads, three Supermodel Freja, Raquel and Natasha Poly wearing a gold dress on Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” the anthem dancing, fashion and music together clever, like the night diffuse, being released into the atmosphere of charming aromatic.

???????? In 2009 Balenciaga show floor, when the models onto the T-Taiwan, they overhead light beam has been followed, lighting changes color like a disco in the Disco laser light, clothing fabrics special feelings change the lighting color, like, like solar panels, especially the sparkling skirt group directly you can wear to the dance floor in Disco mad High, so this show, let me think of Disco culture is not an accident. Although the model seriously, but e-flu “Sci-Fi Couture” (Fashion Technology) Disco is also the most important characteristics of the times.

???????? When the new trousers band singing “Bye Bye Disco”, I feel that this is not true to say goodbye, just as many people would be happy to Disco retro style classified as the same faction, Disco style has become the past, we have today is to interpret Disco style of the past memories.

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