Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CTM whitening skin care products DIY

Here is the all-whitening skin care products made of traditional Chinese medicine, everyone works together DIY!


White Face Formula

Oyster 90 grams (burned as a powder), To Kwa root 30 grams, whitish honey appropriate. First, grinding oyster, To Kwa root to powder, and then reconcile with the honey. Nightly use it to apply the face and the morning wash with warm water.

This formula can make the skin white.


7 White Cream Mask

Chu food, interior eardamom, SanNaizi, Bletilla, nard, mung beans, ginseng, honeysuckle, Centella Asiatica, pearl powder, licorice, Ganoderma lucidum and other 70 kinds of precious Chinese medicine preparation made.

Whitening, freckle, to close pores, water replenishing, wrinkle removal, Excretion, row toxins, whitening and other supernatural magic. Mask was dark brown, medium Medicine Smell is very strong, attaining a very compact, when, after wash delicate white skin, long-deposited to the black and yellow, light stain, in addition to wrinkles, as well as to exclude the face of the efficacy of toxin.


Whitening Moisture Serum


Ginseng, honeysuckle, pearl powder, Chinese angelica, etc.


Whitening, water replenishing, freckle, delicate skin, shrink pores, moisture replenishment excellent results, after use of skin whitening translucent, soft touch, if used at night, and the second color will be a very good weather, a long time you can use whitening Blemish Rejuvenation.

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