Monday, September 27, 2010

Camisole Spice Up

By: Jason Estabrook

Are looking through your wardrobe, and finding out your lingerie selection seems a bit sparse. Well it might be time to bolster your lingerie wardrobe, with a elegant piece of lingerie that would happen to be the camisole. The camisole is a affordable starting place that will literally spice up your lingerie collection, with it’s simple but very sexy look. The camisole has been around for centuries, but only recently with new cuts, designs and materials it has been transformed from a standard undergarment to a very sexy piece of lingerie.

The camisole has long been consider undergarment of function, staying true to its simple design. Most camisoles have thin adjustable straps with a bras built in to maintain proper bust support with that very sexy braless look. It also has many varieties of necklines and cuts to choose from. Ranging from V-neck to the scoop, from exposed belly to it being covered.

Camisole also make great sleepwear. Coming in soft cotton, make them extremely comfortable. Light weight and loose fitting make it the the perfect sleepwear in the summer months. Be comfortable and sexy how can you go wrong?

The materials that are now used to make the camisole, and the variations of panties that often come with it has transformed the camisole into a very sexy piece of lingerie. Silk and satin are just a couple of elegant material that have made the camisole a must have in every women’s wardrobe. Cotton to more sheer materials maintain that sexy look without loosing any elegance. Camisole often come sets with a matching panty. Thongs, g-strings, hot short cuts to standard panties the variety of choices are endless.

Often costing much less than other types of lingerie, makes the camisole one of the most affordable types of lingerie. Versatile with many uses make the camisole an incredible bargain compared to other forms of lingerie.

So do not wait, spice up your lingerie collection with a camisole set. Find one that fits your needs. From being a comfortable piece of sleepwear, to being a very sexy piece of lingerie that will defiantly make a statement to your partner.

Jason Estabrook is the CO-owner of Ebtown Virtual mall, where you can find a Women’s Camisole or Chemise Sleepwear at the Naughtyhaven lingerie store.
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