Sunday, September 26, 2010

Amazing tomato weight loss diet


Why eat tomato can lose weight?

General, women on average consume about 600 calorie per meal, if one or two meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner) to replace with tomato can at least reduce the absorption of hundreds of calories, so you will not have too much pressure, also without lack of nutrition, compared to the normal three meals daily total intake of 1,800 calories a lot less, so that downsizing can be achieved.

Lunch and dinner only eat tomatoes, the other meals can be consumed as usual, but of course in light, low-calorie food dominated. Consecutive week, only once a month.

Effects: can subtract 5-10 pound (about 2-5 kilograms).

How many tomatoes can you eat two meals per day?

Basically there is no limit, in fact, it’s easy to be full eating tomatoes, eat a sufficient amount. If you do not like to eat raw tomatoes, can make a variety of combinations with tomato, but never with fried bake cooking methods, steamed, poached or tomato soup can be good.


1, tomato itself almost by moisture, in addition to vitamin c, not many nutrients, so the rest of the meal, required attention to uniform nutrition.

2, any food, too much can lead to obesity, but fortunately there are easy to be full with eating tomatoes, but also be careful to eat too much and lead to counter-productive, such as edema.

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