Tuesday, August 24, 2010

TIPS! SHE teach you to treat acne

TIPS! SHE teach you to treat acne

1. Selina: great emphasis on cleanliness

Because of irregular working hours, but no matter how tired, I attach great importance to clean, it is not likely to have skin problems. However, when suffering from acne, Selina will use gel containing officinal zits prevention acne ingredients, quickly solve the acne  problem!


2. Hebe: uses oil control zits prevention skin care products

Hebe is mixed skin, the greatest distress is prone to acne in the nose, and the oil question, so she will select the products whith oil control and zits prevention effects for the base maintenance, mild conditioning without over-stimulating the oil and acne problems.


3. Ella: zits prevention, moisture + normal daily routine

I only slightly abnormal lifestyle, skin condition will deteriorate, and become long-term cosmetic make skin drier, so moisturizing skin care products with zits prevention is the maintenance key. If so, the normal daily routine is most important!

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