Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The steps of useing winter moisturizing mask

The steps of useing winter moisturizing mask In the winter, how to use the facial mask, I believe we are all regular operations. But you ever considered that your skin care steps to correct? Everyone to see, the winter how to use the facial mask!

1,Before using the mask



Before using the mask, it is best do first allergy test, put a little dressing on the back of the hand, 30 minutes after the wash, if the smear place free of red itchy reaction, you can wipe the face. Especially for the DIY mask, but should adhere to do first allergy testing habits.



Before applying mask, we should take up remover, wash your face, if necessary, can also first scrub, to facilitate the absorption of mask, but also to prevent dirt and dust into the pores.


2,Mask in progress



After washing the face, before putting the mask can be made prior to hot towels, wet compress on the face for three minutes, and then in the face three to five minutes throughout the massage to enhance at attaining results.



Use moisturizing mask, if it is coated mask, you can use it while bathing, in particular, is conducive to recharge and assimilation! Used Borghese woman may be aware, mask is easy to dry, if the time used in the bath can be avoided a strong tingling skin, but also to avoid skin moisture being absorbed by mask!



Apply mask in order, from the neck, jaw, cheeks, nose, lips, forehead, from bottom to top; eyes and around the eyebrows, upper and lower lip positions were not painted mask. Must pay attention to the location of applying mask! Best to start with easily-dry T part, and finally the U District.

For the special texture masks, you can follow the instructions to use the time to clean. However, if the skin feels uncomfortable, require immediate cleaning! Notes, safety first. For the DIY mask, preferably 15 minutes cleaning.


After using the mask

Remove the mask, you should wash the face with clean warm water, and then with cold towels apply face for a moment, to promote the pores shrink and finally painted soothing cosmetics.

Do note that the convergence step, some cleaning or exfoliating mask, if the latter handled carelessly, it is likely to cause skin damage!


Use frequency of mask

In principle, two to three times a week. The peoples have facial acne, chloasma or senile plaques, can use a weekly or twice in order to enhance the effect; the protein mask to use is not too frequent , to twice a week or so limit.

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